Tim Green – Pro Paraglider2016-12-19T13:45:31+00:00

Project Description

The everything boots: alarm, coffee, shower and I’m off for the day. I put on my boots, skateboard to the car and drive 1:45min to Val Thorens for a day of tandem paramotor. My feet are already warm and stay warm the whole day. Clipping in, I catch the chair up with 40 litres of fuel. Skidding in to the altiport, I can step out of the exo and carry my 25kg paramotor from the hanger to the runway, I then refuel, open the paraglider wing and brew some coffee for me and the arriving passengers. My skis and exo’s are ready and waiting to clip in, rev up and takeoff. I fly with the passengers for about 30min and repeat till sunset. The ease and confort is what makes the difference not to mention the time I save every morning.

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