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Project Description

I’m currently on an expedition called Pole 2 Pole. The next phase of this expedition will be to cross Antarctica. I approached Dahu to develop the right shoe for an expedition like this. To be able to go from skiing or walking mode into kiting mode without changing shoes and losing a lot of time. So a prototype was developed for me to be able to save time on an expedition. And time is life!

Visit Mike Horn’s Pole 2 Pole expedition website

The world’s greatest modern day explorer seeks to make the 7’000km traverse of the Antarctica continent in record time, both by ski touring and snow kiting, taking advantage of the strong polar winds. In order to achieve his goal, Mike needed to come up with the ideal solution that could increase his chances of making it through Antarctica in the fastest and safest possible way.

During his previous polar expeditions, Mike learned that it was not possible to use the same boots for ski touring and snow kiting: the boots were in fact not stiff enough to withhold his body weight against the pressure of the kite. Having to switch boots at a temperature of -40°C, the explorer needed to set up a tent just to be able to change his shoes without freezing his feet. The whole process of setting up and warming the tent took approximately 2 hours each time he needed to switch to snow kiting boots to make the most of the favourable polar winds. Surely finding a more efficient solution was a priority for Mike, if he wanted to take a shot at making the traverse in record time. It was at this stage that he approached Nicolas Frey, DAHU Sports Company’s founder, at the 2016 edition of the International Sport Business Exhibition (ISPO) in Munich.

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