CEO’s Statement

CEO’s Statement 2016-10-18T22:52:01+00:00

Nicolas Frey (DAHU CEO)“We live in an important time of change in our industry. In a market which has been sclerotic for almost 40 years with brands offering products without real innovation, time has come for progress to step in.

DAHU is part of this essential evolution of our business. Trends have changed, old school skiing disappeared to a new way of skiing, faster and more precise but also more fun oriented.
DAHU is here to replace yesterday’s ski boot and is in perfect harmony with a more modern skiing practice, optimal in transfers, precise in support, swift in output curves, all with unprecedented support and comfort. The DAHU is the quintessence of this new way of skiing.

Make no mistake, skiers no longer apprehend the mountain the same way. Very few people still practice intensive skiing, based on ski lifts’ opening hours. The self-service restaurants have stepped aside to leave upmarket, high-altitude tables that invite the client to relax longer, whilst at the same time, the play area has opened itself to new disciplines making mountains a multidisciplinary playground.

At DAHU, we considered this fact and chose to make a suitable product for its users and their new approach of the mountain instead of asking them to comply with it.

Our goals are clear, we want to revitalize the ski industry, get old skiers back on slopes and also bring new ones by facilitating the access to our sport and offering them cutting-edge products with a flawless technicality.”

Nicolas Frey, Founder & CEO of DAHU Sports Company Ltd