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DISCOVERING ADVENTURE is a film project documenting the extraordinary adventures of 5-year-old Isabelle Green accompanied by her parents, Tim and Maile.  Head into the Arctic Circle with them as they explore Norway paragliding, skiing and camping in the mountains.

Tim Green, a professional paragliding pilot, is bringing his small family to Tromsø, Norway, to introduce his daughter, Isabelle, to amazing outdoor adventures.

The beginning of the film introduces us to their family dynamic: a mother who is the voice of reason, an adventurous father without limits, and young, 5-year-old Isabelle, who is small in size but strong in character, fearless, and thristy for adventures!  In this first episode, you will see Isabelle’s joy and excitement as she explores Norway through hands-on activities: skiing, hiking, camping, sailing, paragliding, dog sledding  (…).

In order to continue the adventure and bring you a second episode filled with surprises, the Discovering Adventure team is counting on your support and participation in our Kickstarter campaign.  Get premiere access to the full episode, fun gear or a once in a lifetime experience to live the adventure with Tim as your guide!

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