360° Video of DAHU team paramotoring and freeriding

Relive one day of paramotoring and freeriding with DAHU in Val Thorens in 360°

On this sunny day of February, the DAHU team & friends had the great opportunity to go freeriding in the beautiful French Alps.

However, one of the happy companions woke up late. This incident was the triggering event of an amazing adventure… The belated friend took an unusual transport mean to catch up with his friends faster: he flew with a paramotor!

This flying vehicle provides a great sensation of freedom because it is independent from updraft winds. Furthermore, as it can land and take off pretty much everywhere, it opens access to a limitless playground.

Because the straggler was really impatient to meet his friends and ride the “pow”, he decided to literally jump from the paramotor! This experienced skier did not encounter any difficulties to find the perfect spot for a smooth landing.
In the end, the team was reunited and the freeriding session could finally start…

Take part in the adventure by watching this immersion video that enables you to live a 360° experienc ! Can you spot the belated rider jumping from the paramotor? And do you see the speedrider flying above your head?

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