How to ski and play with your kids?

No need to feel bad because you left your kids at the playing area and went skiing.

Thanks to your new DAHU Ski Boots, you can easily switch from skiing on the slopes with your friends to having fun with your kids in the snow garden.

Once you are down the slopes, you can simply open and remove your exoskeletons to free your soft boots. That’s it. You can now walk in the snow like with classic snow boots. You can already join your children and hit the sled slopes, start a snow fight or build snow men !

One of the great advantages of DAHU ski boots is their versatility. Thanks to their innovative exoskeletons, they are very performing and technical on slopes allowing even the best skiers to fully enjoy a downhill or slalom. Besides of that, the inner soft boots are so warm and comfortable that you can keep them all day long and enjoy several kinds of activities such as walking in the resort, snowshoeing, sledding, and even going to the restaurant and club in the evening.

Check out our quick and easy system !


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